Area 51 - Jupiter Beyond

Area 51 - Jupiter Beyond

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71025
Year: 2004
Cover by: Thomas Strütt

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01. Introx - 1.51
02. Journey In My Mind - 5.52 - Download sample
03. Sector 9 - 6.16 - Download sample
04. Into Oblivion - 5.23 - Download sample
05. From The Sun - 6.23 - Download sample
06. Virus - 5.57 - Download sample
07. Martian Storm - 6.19 - Download sample
08. Imminent Attack - 6.07
09. Sonic Mission - 4.59
10. Silver Star - 6.13
11. Fire When Ready - 5.39
12. Bionic Man - 6.06

All tracks produced, composed and arranged by Michiel van der Kuy & Rob van Eijk
Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson



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This production is great, starting with the wonderful intro.

The track Journey in my mind really pushes spacesynth where it should be. I like the way they have used the typical sound's from 80's to give this production the original spacesynth feeling.

Sector 9 this is another great spacesynth track just love those floating space melodies the lead synthesizer on this track is magic.

Into Oblivion Again a nice intro and then these Powerfull synth attack's your speakers wonderfull.

From the sun startes with the lovely voice of a classic singer and then builds up to a another great spacesynth track.The melodies are also nice,again the nice lead synth comes in action!

Virus again a nice intro and then comes the koto bass, some nice choir sound's in this one this track has the the best melodie for me really nice track.

Martian Storm this track is a mix of spacesynth and trance but nicely done, remind's me sometimes of Mindxpander i think they used a simular sound for the lead melodie.

Imminent Attack spacesynth at it's best again another great synth lead sound.This time the koto bass is played faster but the way the synths are used it's always with lot's of drive.Fantastic track this one.

Sonic Mission very melodic spacesynth track nice space effects on this track.

Silverstar.Here the koto bassline running along with a nice choir in the background.This one also has a mix of spacesynth and Elements of dance.
Fire when ready this song has a great atmosphere like the older Laserdance track's really find the fast melodie on this one cool.

Bionic Man this is a more happy spacesynth italo-track, again great sound's used on this track.

The cover artwork is done by Thomas Strütt (from Hypersound) and this time he has created a nice one.
Inside the booklet you see listed all Hypersound cd's.

my resume of this album it's a Top Class spacesynth production with lot's of great track's and made with some detail. These producers have the spacesynth in there blood, when i was first reading this news i was wondering if it's going to sound completely different than the classic spacesynth productions of the past, but it sound's if they have just carried on where they had stoped in the past.


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Review of the Area 51 – Jupiter Beyond album by Ronald Wennekes

I bought the track in the Netherlands by Gerrit Melodymaker, probaly the greatest shop wich sells synthesizer disco, I guess. A had the privilege to listen the tracks before, but on cd they always sound better. A new production of Michiel van der Kuy and Rob van Eijck, they already did so many things. Great they produce together again.

Well selected samples, good sounds, beautiful melodies...

1. Introx - A intro used before by Michiel, great sample: of the first man who tells he had in 1954 a special experience, amazing beautiful melody and strings gives a good feeling.
2. What a starter! With a lead with a great effect and which sometimes filtered, not done often in the early days I guess. Nice sounds effects and female vocal sample.
3. Sector 9 -A really energy synthesizer track with that koto bass. Great leads like we know from the works we already have in our collection. The bells and synths gives you extra energy.
4. Into Oblivion – Great synth and samples with the koto-a-like bass. Sounds likes old times!
5. From the sun – What a beatiful intro with a very sensitive female vocal sample, from a opera or movie I guess. Laserdance bass and well known synthesizer sounds.
6. Gives the feeling of Dragons Legend.
7. For a time we thougth we’ll never hear that wonderful Laserdance bass in a new production, but now here it is. With those superb synthesizer sounds of that good day you can enjoy that sound again.
8. I like this one very much, koto-a-like-bass, and a great new lead souns playes like these days, fille with the standard synthesizer sounds. Short vocoder makes is complete.
9. Fire when ready – The famous synths played like a in  that great times before. Off couse with space samples. You keep listening to that snare, once your heard it, and the way that play it. Nice bells, hi-hats and that wondeful laderdance bass, hmm I like it.
10. Bionic Man – With famous sample of the television serie of the six million dollar man with Lee Majors. Well used, the short koto basses driven, great leads, a new synth sounds takes you.

We had to wait for this album of that great synthesizer guys, but is was worth of waiting for. It’s a super album, with magnicient tracks. I’m glad they still produce the synthersizer sound. With all the many other different productions these days, a relief for your ears. Surely they can make other styles of music, but I think that they make this better than other sounds.

With musical greetings from a sunny Spain,
Ronald Wennekes

A compilation mix will be made by me, and broadcoasted, I hope, at the local Dutch radiostation WOS, will throw this compilation mix of my in the air.
You should listen evert week to the Dance Club Show, I will keep you informed.

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