Cyber Space - The New Planet

Cyber Space - The New Planet

Label: Audioenergy AE 12003
Year: 2008
Cover by: Audioenergy

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01. Into Temptation - 06.03
02. Cosmic Energy - 04.58
03. The New Planet - 05.48
04. Electro Crickets - 04.52
05. Contact The Alien Race - 04.53
06. Mission Of Love - 04.43
07. Danger To Train - 06.31
08. The Return Of Cyberspace - 04.23
09. Assimilation Space (original mix) - 05.27
10. Future Vision’s Attack - 05.05
11. Sound Of A New Future - 03.41
12. Assimilation Space (dubmix) - 06.17

All tracks produced, arranged and composed by Andreas Mohr, except track 10 by Thomas Horke & Andreas Mohr.

Executive produced by Audioenergy Music Productions.

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In The Mix

01. The Return Of Cyberspace
02. Into Temptation
03. Cosmic Energy
04. Mission Of Love



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The second album from cyber space artist takes us once more on a fantastic journey through cyber space music.
If one has fantasy and by only closing your eyes while listening to this music, you encounter one of the most bizarre scenes of your imagination. You cruise through the cyber world and experience things. Like I said one only needs imagination. But even without imagination this music is simply wonderful to listen to and to dance to.

Let us visit each one of the Tracks of this album:

Track 1 ‘Into Temptation’ sails through a wonderful soft sound. However, in my opinion the female vocals are  in two instances a bit on the higher side (loud), although at the same time I agree they seem to blend in to serve the purpose. Some might take this as a contradiction on my part (partly true). But again, when one has repeatedly listened to this track you will tend to agree with me.

Track 2 ‘Comic Energy’ here we experience once again a soft wonderful sound. At some point there is a tit bit change in speed which does not hurt but all the same the title is nice to listen to.

Track 3 ‘the New Planet’ rocked me. This track does not match 100% to the rest of the album, but at the same time relates more or less to the rest of the titles. All in all the title is the link that tips one of what was and what is coming.

Track 4 ‘Electro Crickets’ is my personal favourite. This title animates dreams and awakes a great fantasy that leads one blinking into the future. Beautiful and wonderful orchestra sounds, great vocals as well as a great Bass sound which does not dominate but is to be heard decently in the background.

Track 5 ‘Contact the Alien Race’ at first instance gives you the feel of being at an Airport (the Airport sounds atmosphere). However, the phase sounds do not exactly match this track. They sound distorting therefore spoiling the entire atmosphere of the song. But otherwise the title is o.k.

Track 6 ‘Mission of Love’ is a perfect sequence to track 5. One experiences being at the end of the journey, at the same time having a feel of what is to come. Here we are once again treated to wonderful soft orchestra sounds with synthesizers in the background.

Track 7 ‘Danger to Train’ has a melody to it although the drum effects should not have ceased abruptly in the middle of the track, but instead should have faded softly before emerging back. The vocals are a bit hectic which distorts the entire atmosphere of the song. Well all said and done it is still a nice track to listen to.

Track 8 ‘The Return of Cyber Space’ should have been the 1st track of this album in my opinion. Generally, one can conclude this track has its own story to tell.

Track 9 ‘Assimilation Space’ I must say is too slow and does not match in any way to the rest of the album. It sounds a bit like the then Amiga hit ‘Turricane’. It is okay but like I said, too slow.

Track 10 ‘Future Visions Attack’ is totally hectic, although this does not have any influence on the rest of the album whatsoever. When you listen to it repeatedly, the whole picture slowly creeps into your imagination like pieces of a puzzle. Has also great sounds and rhythm.

Track 11 ‘Sound of a New Future’ here we are treated to a great female voice that leaves us blinking into a new generation. The meaning of this song is grasped later in the song, at the same time transporting you into Kennedy Space center. The sound is generally dramatised but relatively normal. The story in this song is not only clear but beautiful with a twist of sadness to it.

The last track ‘Assimilation Space - a Dub mix' This is a faster version to the ninth track and has a great matching rhythm to it. At one point or other a soft change in speed would have been great, that would have made the whole track a bit relaxing or comfortable to listen to. However, this track is a much better version in comparison to its slower counterpart.

General overview of the album:
Definitely it is worthwhile for Space synthesis fans not to miss listening to this album. The artist has once again proved that music should not always be compiled of booming sounds. His passion in composing this music is also felt throughout this album.
We are therefore looking forward to what the future brings.

I hereby wish all the fans a nice journey through Cyber Space with Cyber Space - The New Planet !

Jens Wiedmann.

Special thanx to Zippy for the english translation !

• • •