Laserdance - Around The Planet

Laserdance - Around The Planet

Label: ZXY 9078
Year: 1986
Cover by: Edwin van de Laag

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1. Shotgun (Into the night) (Remix) - 5.17
2. Battle Cry (Remix) - 5.46
3. You & Me (Remix) - 5.00
4. Mars Invaders (Remix) - 5.07
5. Around The Planet - 5.42
6. My Mine - 5.17
7. Excitation - 5.27
8. Final Zone - 3.55
9. Shotgun (Into the night) (Spacemix) - 8.29

All tracks composed, arranged & Porduced by Erik van Vliet, Michiel van der Kuy and Rob van Eijk
Executive produced by Erik van Vliet.



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Future Generation was a classic. The second Laserdance album is even better. 'Shotgun (Into the Night)' is a famous Laserdance track. 'Battle Cry' was done by Rob v. Eijk, a good track that is a bit different than usual LD.
'You & Me' is a sweet tune that has a very catchy chorus part. 'Mars Invaders' is another stunning Laserdance track that has a great melody. It's one these melodies that stuck in your head.
'Around the Planet' is great too although it sort of repeats old ideas. But nevertheless, I love it too. 'My Mine' is a bit different track that has a very nice synthline. All the parts fit together just perfectly. This is one of my favorite tunes on the album for sure.
'Excitation' is quite typical Laserdance where you notice yourself dancing with the music. 'Final Zone', a slow and relaxing piece that is quite similar to 'Laser Fear' from Future Generation. Ahh, gotta love those vocoders! Kinda corny track but so what.

In my humble opinion, Around the Planet is even better than Future Generation. There are no weak tracks. Some synths sound dated nowadays but what did you expect?

Rating: 9.5/10
Lauri Turjansalo

• • •

While placing a second masterpiece into the synth genre, Laserdance brings us one of their most memorable tunes, "You and Me". Despite the fact that most of this album is credited to Erik Van Vliet, as opposed to Michiel Van Der Kuy on the previous album, you'd never know to listen to it, which
leads me to suspect that there was a lot more collaboration on these albums than the credits let on. Another great track on this album is "Excitation"; a very infectious tune which I consider to be among
Laserdance's all-time best. Again Laserdance finishes the album with an ambient composition; "Final Zone". They will remix this track and release it as "Final Tones" on Ambiente, but this version is better.