Macrocosm - First Mission

Macrocosm - First Mission

Label: Hypersound HYPS 71017
Year: 2003
Cover by: Mike Henderson

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01. Secret Universe - 6.45
02. Magic Miles - 6.42
03. Virtual Voltage - 5.42 - Download sample
04. Silent Warriors - 7.34
05. Cyber Space - 6.40
06. Lightyears To Go - 6.33
07. First Mission - 6.42
08. Keeper Of Secrets - 5.20
09. Fields Of Fire - 6.12
10. Zero Gravity - 9.22
11. Leaving The New World - 2.36

Track 1, 3, 4, 6, 9 and 11 produced by Marco Rochowski
Track 2, 5, 8 and 10 produced by Anders Lundqvist
Track 7 produced by Marco Rochowski & Anders Lundqvist

Executive produced by Humphrey Robertson





An interesting first album out of the cooperation project between Anders Lundqvist and Marco Rochowski. You can easily identify differences in style: Rochowsky's sound is definitely more powerful and coulourful than Lundqivst's bit calm and thin beat. To use a metaphora, Lundqivst is like describing deep space while Rochowsky zooms right into the action. Depends on which one you like more. In my stereo, Lundqvist plays more often.

This leads to one of the drawbacks which we also had with Lundqvist's Unknown Destination (UD). I would really like to find more variety in the tracks. Rochowsky seems to push his dominating voicebox to all tracks and Lundqvist more or less repeats his tricks from UD.

All in all, hope is not lost. Anyone can see the huge potential in these guys. We will be waiting for the next album.

Mikko Välimäki

• • •

When you have two of the best new comers A. Lundqvist and M.Rochowski collaborating on a new project ‘Macrocosm’ you know you’ve got a winner. The great thing about this album is that we see two different styles of the two composers. Marco (in my opinion the new Van Der Kuy) and Anders with his unique style (a blend of Laserdance, Syntech and Jarre influences)

I prefer Marco’s tracks, I suppose this stems from my bias towards Laserdance. What Marco has produced is basically what Laserdance would sound like today. It’s difficult to pick a favorite track because there are so many great tracks. I particularly like the vocoder singing in Secret Universe and all the different melodies in different sounds. Virtual Voltage to me seems like homage to “Power Run”. It could have been called “Power Run 2” and it’s much better than the original. “Light Years to Go” is a very nice slower track, and as the title suggests it does remind me of a slow and long journey, that in the end will have been conquered. “Fields of Fire” has a sort of oriental flour to it; it’s also one of my favorites, very jumpy and boppy. “Leaving the New World” is very interesting track because to me this is definitely not space-synth. It’s more a film score and reminds me of an eagle soaring high above mountain cliffs. It seems like a very fitting epilogue to a great Album.

Anders’ tracks are quite good, but I didn’t think they reached the quality of the brilliant “Unknown Destination” By  no means are they bad tracks its just that “Unknown Destination” was such a superb Album that I was expecting more of the same and I feel I didn’t get it. The highlights were Magic Miles a signature tune from Anders. There’s also a nice homage to one of the pioneers of this genre Cyber People, its very Italo like. I also enjoyed ‘Zero Gravity’ which reminded me very much of Jarre. This track has very beautiful Vocoder singing. The track that I don’t like is “Keeper of Secrets” – big drum and bass mixed with early 80’s synth sound, I don’t think it worked, to me it sounded like a bad experiment. Also the synth melody at the start was terrible. In this Album, Anders has broaden his horizons and shown his skill that he can not only produce mid-tempo tracks. Whilst he should be commended for this, I still prefer his work on “Unknown Destination”. But this is my personal taste, others may prefer his work on this album. The collaborative track between Anders and Marco “First Mission” is a strong tune, as was expected.

Overall this is a brilliant Album made by two of the new stars of this genre. And they have delivered what was expected a fantastic album full of great sounds and melodies, which is very highly recommended. I hope Anders and Marco continue to work on this project in the future. I eagerly await for their next work.

Rating: 9.5/10
Peter D

• • •