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Biography of Michiel van der Kuy

This biography was written by Ronald Wennekes for the years 1983 - 1995

•  1983 - 1986

In 1983 Michiel started at the "Hotsound records" label from Rotterdam, which is owned by Erik van Vliet. Erik is the godfather of Laserdance and together they made Laserdance big in the disco-synthesizerworld. They became very popular all over the world ,especially in Germany, Belgium, Scandinavia, Poland, Spain and of course the Netherlands. The Laserdance story started. The first Laserdance release called Laserdance (HS84215) and was not made by Michiel. Fonny de Wulf of Rofo made this track, it became a Hugh success.

The first Laserdance and Hotsound Production of Michiel was Goody's return (HS84618). About that return of Goodie I will tell you more later in this story. On the Future Generation album there is a fantastic remix of Goody's return. At that time Michiel didn't make his music made with computers or other high -tech equipment. The first Laserdance was made with one Synthesizer (!), the Korg Polysix. At that time there were no sequenzers, so all tracks were played one by one! On Laserdance by Laserdance were even the drums really drummed! The sound of Laserdance has always been a bit 'underground'. Laserdance didn't appeared in famous charts, but was although very popular and many copies were sold.

Michiel and Erik 2The first vocal project on Hotsound was "Proof of energy" with a song called Energy Tonight . Released under number HS84924. It is not the 924th record of '84, maybe it is related to Erik's car, he had a Porsche 924 at that time. The female vocal on that song (and cover) is Hansje Ravenstein. She was at that time the so called "Dutch Deborah Harry" of the popband Blondie. The tempo at that time was a bit high, 130 BPM. Energy tonight was recorded in 1984. Lyrics by Michiel and Edgar van der Kuy (Michiel's cousin)

Space Dream by the Beat Boys (HS850122) is a Hotsound record released in 1985. It's made by Michiel and Peter Slaghuis.

Crazy for your love by Attack was released in 1985 as HS85612 , followed by Eye to eye with The Deep, an idea of Erik van Vliet. The number is 85615, were the numbers 13 and 14 are. I don't know. The lyrics were written by John Barry.

A release which is published by Hotsound and Break Records in that year is Love is the reason, the vocal is performed by John Mendes. John did the lyrics and Michiel the music. Especially the b-side, a instrumental mix is very good.

hotdanceparty2The compilation album Hot Dance Party 85 (HS850121) was Remixed by Michiel and Peter Slaghuis. The album contains a free poster. Besides Michiel's songs the other tracks are "Right by the moon" (nice cuts in this version) and "Let me feel" it by Samantha Gilles which is produced by Fonny the Wulf, the musical brain behind Rofo. Laserdance is on this records composed by W. Robinson. The label says "Hottest Dance Party" instead of Hot Dance Party on the sleeve. Look at the photo right below on the text side of the sleeve.

Together with Ruud van Es Michiel created Humanoid Invasion (HS8606) an Hugh Synthesizer hit. This record increased the popularity of Laserdance. The dance mix is also released as a track between the famous italo-tracks of that time on The Best of Italo-Disco Volume 6 double album world-wide distributed by ZYX . There were many copies sold of that italo-collection album volumes. Peter Slaghuis Remixed the Humanoid Invasion remix (HS8608), a fabulous remix. This track is also in the complete long version on the Best of Hotsound Volume 1 and on the Laserdance maxi-single collection by ZYX ( 4 maxi-singles compact discs).

In 1986 Michiel composed and arranged You're wrong by Gotcha!. This track was produced by Michiel, Erik van Vliet and Ruud van Es and recorded in the H.N.S Studio in Dordrecht (the Netherlands). Ruud is a member of the Synthesizer band "Peru". HS8603.
The Peru compact disc Continents is marked with "Mastered by Michiel van der Kuy".
CNR released the record in 1983.

"Disco club" is a famous club which released records and tapes. On Disco club volume 9 you can hear Alan Barry, Taffy, Den Harrow and more but you can also listen to You're wrong by Gotcha! on this record mixed by Martin Vinke and Rob de Ruyter.

Soon after You're wrong, Sisley Ferré was released with Give me your love Remixed by Peter Slaghuis. On the b-side of HS 8612 is the original version by Michiel, which is never released on compact disc. The Sisley voice is performed by Jody Pijper, a professional singer with a great voice who also appears on many radio and tv-commercials, for example on a famous coffee commercial.

Can't stop is released on a 3 track remix by Attack (limited edition HS8614), with also a very good original version. The Can't stop remix is also together with Powerrun on The Best of Italo-Disco Volume 8 double album by ZYX . The white Porsche on the sleeve is Eric's, I think.

•  1987 - 1989

Maybe the greatest Laserdance hit is Powerrun (HS 8710). Powerrun appeared on Max Music in Max Mix 5, the summer megamix espanol of that year, mixed by Janvier & Ussia. There is a limited edition, HS8711, of Powerrun 3-track remix with also a live and whale version.

The successful story continued with Sisley Ferré's Open your eyes. The 126 BPM was very popular at that time. Again Remixed by Peter Slaghuis, but the original is again very good. HS8720.

Fear became the next Laserdance track composed, arranged and produced by Michiel. On the HS 8724 maxi-single there's a remix of Fear and a space mix of Battle cry composed and Rob van Eijk and produced by Rob and Michiel. Fear is the last Hotsound track on the Best of Italo-Disco collection, volume 10. I haven't got the original maxi of Fear, so I can't say what is on it.

Also in that year Primero was released on the Hotsound label with a warm summer sound as you aspect with that name. The title is Spanish: Oh Que calor (HS 8722)with, a different, great female vocal.

Attack was followed by the great 126 BPM track Special love. The vocal on that Attack record was featured by Sisley Ferré.

An instrumental track called Don't Stop by Powermachine was the next hit with the famous Laserdance sound. This track was created together with Rob van Eijk of Proyon, Kim Taylor and more Hotsound hits.
On the HS8730 b-side is a remix of Don't stop.

Hotsound Megamix Volume 1 is a great megamix mixed by Peter Slaghuis. In this mix there are also tracks of Aleph from Italy, Limitronix, Kim Taylor and of Android, which is a great Dutch production made by Marc Hartman. The sound of Hotsound became very famous after this mix. I played this record for some of my friends that didn't know the Hotsound music and they were surprised that this was made in the Netherlands. Popular Synthesizer disco was at that time only made in the U.S.A by Patrick Cowley, Bobby Orlando and others or came from Italy or Germany. Hotsound: HS87030

ld01The first Laserdance album was Future Generation HS87031 with that great intro. The 12" records Power Run, Humanoid Invasion, Goody's Return (fabulous) and Fear are all in a album remix version. Laser fear is the first Laserdance ballad, that becomes better everytime you play it, it's almost a classic. Inside the record sleeve are 2 photo's. One of Michiel and Erik. The other photo of a giant mixing table, who's hands are that? Next time I see Michiel or Erik I will look at their left hand and than I will know who it was.
The ZYX compact disc ZYX 9027 contains a bonus track: the ZYX 5764 Fear remix of 6'40". The Hotsound remix is 6'10". A terrible good album.

In 1987 Hotsound released HS8732, another Primero record with that "Spanish sound" titled Que me pasa?, another great song, with the same female vocal. What a beautiful sleeve !
Made 10 years ago and still a great song, time flies when you're having fun with this hot music.

maxi02Laserdance Megamix Volume 1 is a fantastic megamix with the tracks of the Future Generation album, mixed by Peter Slaghuis. A combination of great tracks with great cuts. The mix starts on 119 and ends with 126 BPM. On the b-side there are 2 versions of You and me. The Space mix is only on this HS 88010 12". The remix is also on the Future Generation , the first Laserdance Album. "You and me" is the only vocal Laserdance track so far.

The second Hotsound Megamix is of course Hotsound Megamix Volume 2. It's of that same great quality and again mixed by Peter Slaghuis. HS88020
Hotsound Megamix Volume 1 and 2 are available on one compact disc of more than 70 minutes!

Hotsound carried on at 127BPM with For You! by Sisley Ferré, HS88038. Later on Hotsound released a double remix, HS88040, a 12"single with new versions of For you and Open you eyes, Remixed by Peter Slaghuis and labelled as For you remix/Open you eyes remix.

In 1988 Hotsound released a record with the ultimate remix of Laserdance, called Laserdance '88 remix. Track two is the original version of Mars invaders, only on this record .
The 3rd track is Galactica made by Peter Vriends. This sleeve is really beautiful, it would be a great poster.

After this record a world famous maxi-single, more than 8 minutes, was performed by Laserdance: Shotgun (into the night), on HS88044.

ld02Around the planet is the second Laserdance album. I'm proud to say that I've bought the first copy of that great album at the Hotsound store in Rotterdam. Beside new tracks, it contains album remixes of the maxi singles Shotgun (into the night), Battle cry and of Mars invaders (as original on the b-side of the Laserdance '88 remix). The ZYX Galaxis compact disc ZYX 20125 has as 9th track the original version of 8:29, the Space mix, of Shotgun (into the night). I was happily surprised that the 2nd album of Laserdance was great. It's always difficult to make a good second product of the same quality of the first. Final Zone is the 2nd Laserdance ballad that sounds classical, this song has a great arrangement and listen to what the vocal says at the end.

I still regret that I haven't bought that beautiful picture disc of Around the planet. I think this is the only Laserdance picture disc.

hotsound01The Best of Hotsound Volume 1 was released all over the world with many songs of Michiel. There is a double album, and a compact disc HS890101. On the compact disc you can hear the Humanoid Invasion remix in the long version.

Laserdance Megamix Volume 2 (1989 HS8904), is mixed by Rene van der Weyde. On the b-side is a great song Electro Based made by one of the members of Syntech.

Hotsound Megamix Volume 3 has on the b-side (HS89021 ) a synthesizer-discomix with the sound of Michiel like Laserdance's Shotgun and two very good tracks of Syntech all (re)mixed by Rene van de Weyde.

ld03Laserdance album no.3 is called Discovery Trip. On this compact disc are 3 versions of the first Laserdance maxi-compact disc singles Cosmotron. This HS8922 album starts with a remix of this song. The 2 last tracks are the Space and Light Speed version of Cosmotron. Edwin van der Laag of Syntech did the coverart. Laserdance disc'covered' 2 tracks of Fred Ventura in a special Laserdance version, listen to Trip to destroy and Endless. Brain Mission has a new Laserdance bass-sound. Discovery Trip sounds like Proxyon, that's not strange because Rob van Eijk of Proxyon spend a lot of time in Michiel's studio. Sometimes if you dialled the telephone number of Michiel you got Rob on the phone and you could chat with him. Flying planet and Electro Based, also on the b-side of the 2nd Laserdance megamix, are also different. They are made by one, or both of the Syntech members. Syntech is a formation that make great Synthesizer music. Time zone is the 3rd Laserdance ballad.

•  1990 - 1995

Hotsound Megamix Volume 4. Rene van de Berghe mixed on HS9002 Cosmotron by Laserdance with other Hotsound songs of Syntech, Sisley, Attack, Kim Taylor and Primero that were made by Michiel.

ld04The 4th Laserdance album is Changing Times, HS9014. A night in tomorrow land is a great track with the name of a famous Dutch Discotheque at that time Tomorrowland . The great wall (this song is really great) and Escape from the forbidden city are Koto-like tracks. I think that all Laserdance fans also like Koto so nobody has problems with this. There are 2 instrumental Laserdance ballads on this compact disc: The Reunion and Vast Emptiness, both dedicated to the father of Erik van Vliet. Erik lost his father on 14 April 1990 and these tittles say enough. The Challenge is also one of the few Laserdance maxi compact discs. Edwin made again a great cover.

Laserdance Megamix Volume 4 is the last Laserdance megamix until now ( HS9102).
Track one is an uptempo mix, track two is a slow mix.

ld05Ambiente is the 5th and a totally different album of Laserdance. It contains no high-energy tracks.
You can listen to the Laserdance ballads. Laser Fear, The Reunion and Final Zone are in new versions called
Laser Fears, The New Reunion and Final Tones. With these different Laserdance sound the classic Laserdance bass is replaced for a new one that fits better in this kind of music. Laserdance shows that they can make more than only Synthesizer energy music. Edwin made once more the cover of HS9104.
Michiel told me that he would like to make a compact disc with classic music. It will not be released in the near future, but some day it will appear. We're waiting for it Michiel!, take your time, if we get older we probily like it even better. On the Ambiente compact disc we can hear that not only energy music you make is great.

The Best of STR Volume 2 contains Michiel's "Deduction".

ld06Laserdance made again a fantastic Synthesizer compact disc called Technological Mind. It's the 6th in the Laserdance serie. Michiel wanted to change the Laserdance sound, he thinks it too much of the same. Erik van Vliet didn't want to change the Laserdance-sound to much, so Michiel didn't. Michiel created the most songs of this album in one day! This album starts with that unique Laserdance bassline. This bassline is also in all the other tracks except the 2 last techno versions of Technoid. This song is performed in 3 versions, 1 Laserdance and 2 Techno versions on this HS9202. On the photo is Erik van Vliet. Let the music of Laserdance into your Technological Mind, you'll get a happy (Laserdance) feeling. Technological Mind is the first Laserdance album without a Laserdance ballad.
If you are a Laserdance fan and want to collect all the Laserdance compact discs , you've got to travel sometimes, I know a fan who special went to Germany to buy this compact disc.

ld07Michiel and Erik created a new Laserdance: Hypermagic. This Laserdance album is the 7th . The Laserdance sound starts with the music and vocal samples of Enemy on earth, in the Vocoder mix and ends with as 11th track the Space mix . The Laserdance bass is a little bit changed, more bass in it, on these compact disc, listen to Hypermagic and the intro of Magnetic Clouds. There are again for the 2nd time no Laserdance ballads on this album. The front art of HS9300: Off course Edwin. Who else?

ld08The 1994 Laserdance Album is Fire on earth, again great in the line of what everybody expected. The 8th album HS9401 is a fact. The intro of the album is new. Under fire starts with that new Synthesizer sound, the bassline builds the this track further until finally the Laserdance sound comes through, great! You can also here these synths at the end of the second track. With track 5, Everlasting Dream, and track 9 No Pressure the Laserdance ballads are back. Silent Running is a new Laserdance performance with a new bass and tempo.
The Laserdance sound keeps continuing , it's amazing. Not many artist make that many music with the same basic sound. The mark Technology of Today in Tomorrow's Music speaks for itself.

ld09The last Laserdance album so far is the Guardian of forever, HS9500 . Erik made something special of the compact disc sleeve. The tempo of this album is high. I know that Michiel plays all his song real time, not slow note by note and then increase the tempo of the sequenzer like a lot of other musicians do. There's nothing wrong with that, but it's amazing how Michiel can play the keyboard. He also plays old songs right away. Like Humanoid Invasion, he doesn't have to think how to play this, it just come out of his fingers!
The guardian of forever is with that unique Laserdance bass. "Out of order" has a another great bass-sound. On "The pits of hell" Michiel plays the bassline on another way. If you sometimes listen to old italo music you probably recognise track 4, Breakthrough, again a great another bassline. So now you know that the story of that Laserdance sounds too much the same is not always true, you got to listen better to the songs. And I only mentioned the bassline, not all the other sounds Laserdance uses. There's a photo of the Laserdance studio with Michiel and Erik . This studio is now totally different, more equipment. Track 5, Nightmare at noon, is more like songs on the Ambient album. Not a ballad, but something between. After track 5 the music becomes more house or trance and after track 7 faster and a different Laserdance appears. Love simulation is not written by Michiel but by P. van Dijk/Freichs/Smidt/Huntelman . This latest Laserdance production has become a compact disc with a totally new Laserdance sound.

•  Other projects

Michiel worked together with Rob van Eijk on Proxyon, a very famous synthy-disco appearance on the Ramshorn label. Together they made Space Hopper and it became a big hit. After this Rob continued on his own with Proxyon and had success all over the world. All the Proxyon "space" hits were recorded in the studio of Michiel.

Ramshorn released a lot of Proxyon compilations. Some as 12" or maxi compact disc, as a compact disc with 3 space hits and a Proxyon album in 1989.

In 1991 Michiel is back as Proxyon with Space Force. The particular Proxyon-Laserdance sound is released in 1991 by Ramshorn.
There's a Proxyon album released in 1991, I haven't got information about this, I'm sorry for that.
I'll hope Proxyon will be back in the near future with a updated Proxyon sound, but I think that depend on Ramshorn if that will happen.

logo_zyxZYX released a lot of Hotsound productions. Like some albums and 12"-ers of Laserdance. The '88 remix of Laserdance is released as a 3" compact disc on ZYX 5867.

For those who missed the some Laserdance maxi-singles, or want to have them on compact disc ZYX released the maxi c.d. collection of Laserdance. This ZYX 3304 box contains 4 compact discs. Compact disc 1: Humanoid invasion, digital remix and original mix , compact disc 2: Powerrun original and Vocoder mix, compact disc 3 is the same as the 3" compact disc Laserdance remix and compact disc 4 : The Challenge Vocoder and space version.

Italo Boot mixes
And something more these about mixes: In Italo Boot mix vol. 6 is ... mixed. I've sold this collection.
Italo Boot mix vol. 8 is also not anymore in my collection.
Italo Boot mix vol. 10 again no copy to give information about Michiel's music.

Infinity and Hi-Tension
Michiel's productions were also released on a Belgium label. The executive producer of that label, called Infinity and Hi Tension, is Raymond Muylle. Later on they became very successful with L.A. Style. Michiel and Raymond started working together, there first release was I need your love by Paparazzi (again with the great voice of Jody) a fact. This was recorded at the ICP studio, Brussels.

Raymond also released the Rofo Production Beach Love which also became a big hit in Spain and distributed in that fantastic sunny Spain by the Blanco Y Negro label. This song is also, in a short version, a track on the Rofo remix album.

The track Now is the time also by Paparazzi featuring Jody was the next release on Infinity and also appeared on a collection compact disc in Japan! The maxi-single contains a lot of mixes: St. Tropez mix, Bache de Kupe mix, a Multi-track version, a instrumental and radio version. The Japanese marked was ready for the sound of Michiel. Michiel learned to make the particular Japanese Style of dance music and started producing for Japan since 1988 until now.

Now is the time was followed by Love gun by Paparazzi featuring Jody, again a great song and one of my favourites. Listen to that great edited vocal cuts. Michiel can make a melody with that vocal samples as he uses this as a instrumental sound. Not many musicians have the technique to make a song like this.

Very special is the song Check it out (8'28"!) by Special Touch. "How can you make me feel better" also on the b-side of Love gun, featuring Rachel Hart. Michiel made the basic Production and Fonny the Wulf of Rofo finished it. The infinity maxi-singles are really maxi; the singles contain mostly a lot of different mixes.

Tonight we'll dance the cha cha cha had to be the next hit of Michiel on Infinity but was never released, what a pitty! The sound of music changed at that time and I presume that, if it even is a good song Raymond wanted a successful release, music has also its commercial part. Maybe it's a good song for a new 1999 dance remix.

Goodie Music
logo_goodie_musicAnd then Michiel produced a Synthesizer instrumental song called Lasergun by Kozmoz on a label called Goodie Music Records. The b-side is a fast version of Lasergun. The label on the record is beautiful. The name of that label has got something to do with the musical influence that Goody Music has on Michiel. Before and during Michiel made his own music, he collected all the releases of that label. Mauro Malavasi and Jaques Fred Petrus of Goody Music Records are together with Jeff Lynne of the Electric Light Orchestra and Frederique Chopin (1810-1849) the favourites of Michiel. As far as I know there is only one release on Raymond's Goodie Music Records label. For more info about the italian Goody Music label see another page on this internet side.

Other labels which Michiel appeared on with Synthesizer disco

Michiel made a Production under the name Space Lab. It was distributed by High Fashion.
I haven't got this record and also no more information about this record.

On another label, Streetheat, distributed a instrumental Laserdance-a-like track called Animal Farm by "Peristroika Power"; produced, arranged and written by Michiel and Rob van Eijck. It became the only Production of Michiel on that label, STH12318. It has a normal and a great glasnost version. This record was released in 1987.

•  More projects

Made Up Records
Yes, and then finally Michiel started his own label: Made Up Records! DMC did the distribution. He also started "Hot Cargo Music", his publishing company.

The first release was Sheila Stewart with It's you. Not a high energy track but a very strong Production made together with Rob van Eijk.

Michiel continued on his own with the Watch out by Jacky Touché, The tittle says enough; Watch out for Michiel, now he really spreads his sound all over the world. Michiel labels his tracks with EuroDance, a good name which covers the cargo (that's a Dutch saying).

Let me be free by Gina was the third Made Up Record hit. On b-side of this record Michiel introduces the Vocoder version of a vocal song.
Almost all the vocal 12"-ers of Made Up Records have a fantastic Vocoder version on the b-side.

maxi28The next track was instrumental, Startracks by Rygar and was also released as compact disc single. This is also own of my favourites. There will be more of Rygar in the near future. Watch your record/compact disc store!

Dance with me, with the vocals of Claudia T. became the next song. This is one of Michiel's own favourites.

Michiel is also popular in the energy scene in the United Kingdom. In the United Kingdom Loading Bay Records released energy and italo music. The tempo of this energy track is 127 BPM. Michiel give a special thanks to Melinda Kerkhoven, his girlfriend at that time. It's you is the first in the Loading Bay Records Catalogue: LBAY1, and mixed with Susanne Meals and Rofo on Loading Bay Megamix Volume 2.
Dance with me is the 2nd Loading Bay Record and the 3rd track in Loading Bay Megamix Volume 1. A mix with Baccara, Mark Farina , Mike Hemmer and more italo-disco.

Do you want me by Sauvage became the next top-hit. The group Sauvage had a performance in the Pin up club broadcasted by Veronica, a Dutch television company. This is the only Made Up Record Production which is not on the Best of Made Up Records compact disc. This records is sold with a sexy sleeve, the cover photo's are taken by Hans van Uden. The models wear nothing, and you see nothing. Hans is a famous photographer and takes pictures for the Dutch Playboy, a well know magazine.
But there is something other special about this record. Just a few people knew this: The male vocal is sung by... Michiel! I knew Michiel had vocal lessons but unfortunately he didn't continue singing.. Listen to it again and it will never sounds the same!

maxi29The Made Up Megamix volume 1 became a famous mix all over the world. It is the 7th Made Up Record and contains the first 6 tracks Made Up Records and a track of Koto: Dragons Legend. This was mixed by Peter Vriends a popular remixer at that time. On the a-side there is a vocal mix and on the b-side a Vocoder mix and It's you by Sheila Stewart. Since that time Michiel became Koto!. The beautiful photo on the cover would be available as a poster but it was cancelled. This mix is released as a record and also on compact disc.

After Sauvage Michiel launched the second Rygar: Space Raiders.

The 9th Made Up Production became Fatal Destination, the second record sung by Claudia T..

Then house music started getting famous, so Michiel created with Claudia T. his first house track Games by St. & Divisions.

The second Gina has the tittle: What's wrong and has also a acid (house) energy version on the b-side (not on "the best of Made Up Records" compact disc).

The last Made Up Record 12" single that appeared on the best of Made Up Records compact disc is the second song of Sheila Stewart. It has 2 different mixes of Tonight with on the a-side an up tempo version of 126 BPM and on the b-side, the original version of 103 BPM. The original version is only on this record.

All the Made Up Records fans who have written to Michiel's P.O.box received in oktober 1989 a letter of Michiel. It says that Michiel is very busy and that he started working on his own since januari 1988. In the studio there's a new 40 channel mixing table. Michiel started his own publishing called Hot Cargo Music. In this letter Michiel writes that he will compose in the future everything of Koto. So Michiel is Koto!
IMC in Katwijk will be Michiel's distributor.

The Made Up Megamix volume 2 is the second megamix and also mixed by Peter Vriends. It contains Made Up Records from Space Raiders until Tonight. This Production is only released as record.

madeup01The best of Made Up Records
This is one of the best compact disc ever made with all that giant Made Up Records hits. It has to be in your collection.

The Made Up Productions succeeded again in Japan with Watch me, sung by Claudia T. Michiel started with new codes, MUR5001, a code I can't relate. The 3rd Claudia T. starts with on this Maxi Version with great vocal sample cuts. On this 12" are on the b-side a House version and a 45T version.

The next Made Up Record for Japan is the 3rd Gina, a Maxi Version called Rush. Again are on the b-side a House version and a 45T version. Made Up Records code MUR5002. The sleeve of these new Made Up Records has the text HI-BPM Studio, that says enough about the tempo of this productions.

This great energy and house tracks are also on Michiel compact disc album Watch me.

madeup04Michiel van der Kuy WATCH ME HI-BPM studio producer collection. On this compact disc are many great energy tracks created by Michiel especially for Japan. There are some Made Up Productions on this album that we, Europeans, already know like Let me be free by Gina, Dance with me, Fatal Destination sung by Claudia T.. For the Japanese people are all these tracks new. Watch out, original by Jacky Touché, is on this album in a different mix. Watch out is in a new version, Conny Porche has sung this in a different way. The new tracks are great, some with even a italo-samples, that are perfectly integrated in this songs. Vocalists on this compact disc are: Gina, Claudia T., Conny Porche, Diana Lewis, Jessica Lawrens and Anita Baker. All this together makes this AVCD-1003 a very special CD.

On the last Made Up Record production so far sings Debby Jason Day by day, a strong energy track. It became a hit in Japan and AVEX put this record, strange enough, in the house version on the collection compact disc The best of Eurobeat 1991 together with all italo-energy tracks. Michiel said when he gave a promo copy: "This is one of my best 12"-ers, I agree. The number is Made Up Records 5003.


In 1991 Techno music became very popular and Erik van Vliet ask Michiel to make some Techno tracks.

Hotsound/STR released Michiel's Where are you by Now and I like it on the EP Space Trax volume 1. This sound is very different but with the unique Michiel charastiscs. Michiel is on the future side and Vivi Section and Musica Suave are on the classic side of this STR 0091. Vivi is of the classic music composer Vivaldi, played by Nigel Kennedy which became very popular in 1991.

Two tracks on the STR0291 Exposure to little electronic noises EP are Precaution club mix and underground mix under the name Mike Loucas. It starts with a special sample of an American president I guess. Precaution is a little bit more Michiel used to sound like.

Together with Duane Samplonius a new time of success started. Atomic Playboy (great samples) became very famous. You can listen to this on Space Trax volume 2. New sounds were used, it became a classic techno track. This STR 0691 record contains 2 mixes of Atomic Playboy: "Follow the leader" mix and "Beyond his mind" mix.

On the Distortion EP STR0791 are 4 tracks of Mike Loucas: Mind extention and Twilight tone which is made by Mike and Duane. On the Mind extention versions club mix and dub mix you can hear more Michiel sound like the bass which is a little bit a Koto bass. Michiel has something with this twilight tone: It's also a track on the album by L.A. Style and a track on the Koto plays Synthesizer movie themes compact disc. Twilight tone is also in a club and dub mix.

Michiel didn't belong to the first underground scene of house music producers, but because of his musical knowledge he picked it up very fast and created strong house tracks which became famous. If something new comes up he controls this in no time and leave his own mark on it. Then this becomes unique and recognisable for all his fans and also make new ones.


Decadance records released Float in a dream of EX-TC by Fire on high. This Production contains a sample with the beats from Beat the clock by The Sparks, a famous track from the early days of disco. The labels says 667 beats on the a-side, I didn't check it but, the b-side mentions 652 beats and the short version contains 378 beats, so I guess it's o.k. The first Decadance Production of Michiel has labelnumber DEC 9001.

As Tirannic Trance Denzil Slemming produced the song I'm gonna tear you apart written by Arjan Joon.
The mixes are on DEC9010: Hysteria mix and Sunshine mix. This is a heavy record with the sounds of Michiel. I can't play this record because the first owner thought that records could stand near his heating.

Until now by Denada is a track of Denzil Slemming released on the Decadance record label as DEC9011 in '92. This 12" contains 3 versions: Pump version, the 5AM (the time this version was finished?) version and the Hot 85 mix. The samples are the same as on Koto's track From the dawn of time. This tracks are not like Laserdance or Koto. This record is also kept warm by this first owner to get it through a cold winter so again not playable. Don't make that same mistake with Michiel's records!

The Decadance label continues with Keep on moving composed by Denzil and Arjan Joon and Take me up composed by Denzil ,under the name the Encryptor on DEC 9025. Keep on moving, in the rock your body mix, and Take me up, in the original mix, are fast, heavy, Japanese, different and great. Take me up is with rap and female vocal a real Michiel song in a new different style that we didn't hear before of Michiel. Not many people know this sound of Michiel. Both tracks are produced by Michiel.

The same happened with Another life in the Genetic Mix, a very good song written by Arjan Joon and produced by Denzil Slemming, on the Decadance label number 9027. On side B is a song called Reaching for the sky by Force Field produced and written by Denzil. This Stop & Go Mix is a little bit short, 3:55, and in the same style as Take me up.These tracks are especially made for Japan.

L.A. Style

Yes, and then the big one came: James Brown is Dead, Michiel's greatest hit so far. A million seller,
of James Brown is Dead were more than 2.000.000 copies sold. L.A. Style reached the nr.1 position in charts all over the world. In his home country the national popmusic-station, Radio 3, didn't give Michiel much airplay. But they couldn't get L.A. Style of getting famous. This music was called at this time 'gabber', not the hard-core music which now is called gabber, but it was new and heavy. Local radio stations played this song many times. This song appeared in many mixes and some copied this successful sound."James Brown is still alive" by Holy Noise, composed by a very good friend of my, Richard van Naamen, became also a big hit all over the world. Many followed like who the .. is James Brown and ... is Dead. Michiel didn't care other people used that James Brown item, this happens more with something new.

The voice which says "James Brown is Dead" is from Wessel van Diepen, nowadays a famous deejay at Radio 538, a commercial dance music radio station and also a veejay at The Music Factory, a Dutch television station. The maxi compact disc has 3 mixes of this giant hit: Original mix, Rap remix, Deadly mix.
Off course there's a golden compact disc on Michiel's wall near some other awards .
Michiel started working with rappers in his songs. The first video-clip of a song of Michiel is made.
And from now on Michiel is called Denzil Slemming in this kind of music.

L.A. Style performed live with James Brown is Dead and in famous tv-programmes like the Dutch music tv-program Veronica's Countdown.

lastyleThe Japanese compact disc album James Brown is Dead was even released before there was a album in Europe. These 2 albums are totally different. This AVEX compact disc album is a Techno compact disc with tracks in the same Style as James Brown is Dead. There's even a song called James Dad is Brown. A great album which is never released in Europe because of that musical difference a that time. In Europe we also never heard the long rock radio mix of James Brown is Dead. The same for God shave the queen, Let your body free and So help me God a great song.
Michiel has been invited to come to Japan by the AVEX company for the opening of a new giant discotheque. Of course he accepted the invitation. He met several colleagues and he had diner with Giancarlo Pasquini, a famous Italian 'eurobeat ' producer who also makes great eurobeat energy for Japan .

A big hit is almost always released again as a remix.
James Brown is Dead the remixes is a maxi compact disc with 2 different remixes: Dream on mix and Wide awake mix.

AVEX released in Japan a mix with James Brown is Dead and James Brown is still alive called James Brown is Dead or Alive!?!?.

In the United States of America, Arista released in 1992 the James Brown is Dead maxi-compact disc with 9 tracks. Special are the Rock Radio Mix, the vocal of Chris Randall of Sister Machine Gun was added and Crossover Radio Mix edited by Glenn Friscia. Michiel regularly visits the states. Yearly there are several festivals where musicians and record companies let their productions hear to people from the musicbusiness. Michiel went also several times to the musical festival at Cannes in France. MIDEM.

The second song of L.A. Style is I'm raving. The costs of the video clip were over ƒ100.000,-(most expensive music-clip ever at that time in Dutch history). The "O si nene"vocal part is sung by Nicolette Okoh.

L.A. Style performed again live on television in Veronica's Countdown, with Michiel on the keyboard. His hair has grown as fast as his success and he really looked like an house artist. The performing artists of L.A. Style changed when they became more successful.

The European album of L.A. Style called the Album was finally released. It contains a lot of different styles of music: Techno, disco, rave. Not all the tracks are made by Michiel. Michiel wants to continue in a Style more like Snap. This famous sound, especially the bassline became very popular and started the new sound of dance music like we all listen to nowadays. Michiel asked me if it's your life, baby would be a good idea for a new single. This song was different but still the L.A. Style sound. Unfortunately Balloony made by Foco (Fonny the wulf) became the new single. It didn't became a very big hit in the Netherlands. Maybe Michiel's choice was the best, we'll never know, but L.A. Style never ended high up in the Dutch charts again. There's also a possibility that this has other reasons which I do not know or by other influences. The album compact disc was realised by Bounce in 1992. Because of the length of the album, 38 minutes, a Dutch journalist said that they have courage to call it an album. There a picture inside the compact disc: A dog that pisses on a grave and says James Brown is wet.

Got to move is the last L.A. Style Production I know so far. Produced by Denzil and composed together with K.Nagi and S.Tshiananga for the Japanese market. A commercial dance track which didn't became a hit in Europe. A real Michiel track with that famous synth-melody in it. One of his greatest! 5 mixes, a action mix, a reaction mix both long, 2 short ones and a power mix. Indisk distributed this compact disc.


"The curse" with All system go was released on the city record label and appeared also on The dance sampler nr.2 a limited collection serie with Techno tracks.

Live in a Dutch radio program, called House Party broadcasted from a discotheque by Veronica, Denzil Slemming and Wessel van Diepen made as Castro in a very short time Be what you wanna be.
Released on who's that beat, the dance label of play it again sam. The compact disc contains 3 tracks: Radio America, Contra and Revo mix. Michiel gave an interview in this radio program together with other house producers. House music was associated with drugs and they wanted to let people think there was no use of drugs before this kind of music. They forgot the Rolling Stones and flower power people.

In 1991 Denzil and Nick Name had a very big hit in Japan with I want your body by Nymphomania, as well known as Monique Sluyter, a Dutch sex bomb and an artistic painter . The 3rd track on this compact disc is the hard-core version and that's not musical hard-core like the Dutch gabber scene! This compact disc is released by EMI, that didn't happen before, maybe is has got tot do something with that Nick Name. The video-clip of this song is approved for 18 years and older. There should be a remix compact disc of I want your body, but I still haven't found one. I ordered it but it was not available. In the U.S.A. ended I want your body high up in the Billboard's Hot 100. Something special: You can hear this song in the motion picture True Romance made in 1993, released in Europe in 1994. I haven't experienced to hear this great song trough the giant loudspeakers of a movie theatre, but I'm think it would have thrilled me. Jump on your bike (in the Netherlands and put on your raincoat) or in your car and go to the video shop and ask for it!

Together with Maxx Mondino, Denzil Slemming dedicated a record to Gotham City Dance Parties as a birthday present for their first anniversary. Maxx and Denzil, Partners in crime (that says enough about those two guys) created Gotham City strikes again (do you wanna party). Do you wanna party is the text of the female vocal sample. The compact disc contains a remix, a club and a original version. Again a great song was made.


On my birthday in 1994 , my wife surprised me to ask Michiel to come to our house. Who's at the door? Michiel! Michiel gave me a great present: Hysteria Hits volume 1. A compilation of 18 dance-tracks made by Michiel. It starts with 2 the core with Have a nice day in the single saxy radio version. 2 the core entered the charts in the Netherlands (Holland), U.K., Germany, Israel and Japan. The track of 2 the core Life's a bitch has a special rapped text, life's a bitch and then you marry one. This track was included on the AM dance album that reached number 1 in the album charts of Israel. The singer and rapper are living in the U.K. A song of Nymphomania feat, Monique S. Strange love is a strong commercial dance track with that unique Michiel charastiscs. A new star called Shay Stevens sings on 3 fabulous dance tracks on this compact disc. Shay is born in the U.K and resides in London and in San Francisco. Michiel created real club songs with sounds as Jorgan of the Yamaha FB-01 sound module, like used Luv 4 Luv by Robin S. This compact disc has also some covers like Body talk original by Imagination in 1980, and This is my life made famous by Shirley Bassey. Special remixes of I want you body, wet & wild mix and blow my flute (!) mix of I'm raving makes this compact disc very special dance event that shows that Michiel has the ability to create many different styles. BR Music released this promotional compact disc, it never was available in the music stores as far as I know.

Babe were gonna love tonight is a very big hit by Lime, but Michiel made also version of this great disco song.

Michiel and Wessel van Diepen was ask to make the music of a tv commercial for Nintendo. They used samples of Fun Fun for this.

•  Todays project Area 51

hypersound31After many years is Michiel back with spacesynth music, he worked again together with Rob van Eijk on “Area 51”, a very famous and for todays times a very successful Spacesynth project. The first CD, “Jupiter Beyond” (HYPS 71025), was released in 2004 at the swiss Hypersound Label. Many of the used sounds on this album remind of the old Laserdance times, but they also used modern and todays synthesizers and sounds.

hypersound37The 2. Area 51 release was “Message From Another Time” (HYPS 71030), release in 2005 also at the swiss Hypersound label. Michiel and Rob made here a very successful Spacesynth album, very closed to the first Area 51 release. The album starts and ends with a nice intro (extro) and they used a lot of vocoders for the tracks on this album, f.e. in “The Robot Empire”.

These albums showed us, what we can expect from coming Rygar album.

Personal file
Born : 10-07-1962
At : Voorburg, The Netherlands

I've written this story especially for Michiel, a very good friend , and a great producer of fantastic music, which pleasures a lot of people, and of course for all his fans all over the world.

Ronald Wennekes

• • •